Join us for a slow read of James, Nov. 7-20.

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, insisted that the Christian faith was more than just a set of beliefs or a feeling. Faith changes our lives and results in faithful action in the world. The New Testament letter of James gives the same message. This series will look at John Wesley’s General Rules in connection with readings from James to show how our faith can come to life in all that we say and do.

During this series, we are encouraging everyone to engage in a slow read through the James and prayerfully consider how God is calling them to live out their faith as faithful stewards of their time, talents, and financial resources.

Our Pastors and staff will be using the following reading guide to read through James, and we will post daily reflections on these readings on the Church’s social media accounts – we invite you to join us in these daily readings and to share your reflections with us.


Week 1

Monday, November 7: James 1:1-18
Tuesday, November 8: James 1:19-27
Wednesday, November 9: James 2:1-13
Thursday, November 10: James 2:14-26
Friday, November 11: James 3:1-12
Saturday, November 12: Reflection on the week’s readings
Sunday, November 13: Rest

Week 2

Monday, November 14: James 2:13-18
Tuesday, November 15: James 4:1-12
Wednesday, November 16: James 4:13-17
Thursday, November 17: James 5:1-12
Friday, November 18: James 5:13-20
Saturday, November 19: Reflection on the week’s readings
Sunday, November 20: Rest and Respond