Church Council 2023


Chair of Church Council: Lee Haynes (2024)
Lay Leader: Kimberly McAlister (2025)
Chair of Trustees: Pete Liggett (2024)
Chair of Finance Committee: Joe Epting (2025)
Financial Secretary: Robbie Douglas (staff)
Chair of Staff/Pastor Parish Relations: Lee Smith (2024)
Chair of Foundation Trustees: Kelly Epting (2023)
Recording Secretary: Shelley Stafford (2023)
Membership Secretary: Chip Williams
Church Historian: Mike Broome
Treasurer: Neal Foster
Chair of Communications & Technology Team: Lynn Shirley
CDC Board Chair: Susan Hefelfinger
Community Life Coordinator: Mary Lide
Church & Society Coordinator (formerly Engaging God’s World): Cindy Cox
Members at Large: Janet Cotter, Jim AppleWorship Ministries: Sam Waldrep
Senior Pastor: Rev. Becky Shirley
Associate Pastor: Rev. Alston Lippert
Director of Engagement: Christine Taylor
Director of Children & Youth: Sarah-Kate Gravely
Business Manager: Robbie Douglas
Director of Communications: Jane Peterson
Interim Director of Music Ministries: Catherine Nance


Age-Level Ministries  TBN Coordinator
Children’s Ministries
Children’s Church
Youth Ministries
Adult Small Groups

Child Development Center Board – Susan Hefelfinger, Chairperson (2025)
Class of 2023: Jan Jenkins, Kathy Wright, Alisa Liggett                                               Class of 2025: Erin Oehler, Susan Hefelfinger,  TBN
CDC Director: Felicia Yockel            
Church Business Administrator: Robbie Douglas                                                       Senior Pastor: Becky Shirley           
Church Staff Liaison: Sarah-Kate Gravely

Church & Society Ministries – Cindy Cox, Coordinator (2025)

Active Faith Team – Deborah Rowe, Chairperson                                           Missions & Advocacy Team – Andrea McAtee, Chairperson                       Racial Justice Action Team – Nancy Whittle, Chairperson                        Reconciling Next Team – Jim Lane, Chairperson                                           Soup Cellar Ministry Team – Robbie Douglas, Chairperson                      Welcome Table Team – Lee Haynes, Chairperson

Communications & Technology – Lynn Shirley, Chairperson (2025)

Pato Aravena
Grant Jackson                
Tracy Powers          
Ed McClain    
Susan Caskey            
Christine Taylor            
Jane Peterson

Community Life Ministries- Mary Lide, Coordinator (2023)

Funeral Visitation Receptions               
Gracious Goodness                       
Kitchen Hospitality Team                                               
Card Ministry Team                                  
Family Ministry Events

Finance Committee  Joe Epting, Chairperson (2025)

Robbie Douglas (Financial Secretary);
Neal Foster (Treasurer); 
Kimberly McAlister (Lay Leader);                     
Lee Haynes (Church Council Chair); 
Lee Smith (Chair of SPPRC);
Kelly Epting (Chair of Foundation);
Pete Liggett (Trustee Rep);
Christine Hait (Chair of Stewardship) 
Jamie Gerald (Chair of Good Samaritan Committee;
Mike Broome (Member at large)

Foundation Trustees Kelly Epting, Chairperson (2023)

Class of 2023: Kelly Epting, Thorne Barrett                 
Class of 2024: Chip Williams, Melinda Gibson                            
Class of 2025: Lanneau Lide, Robert Peeler, Sr.          
Class of 2026: Harvey Jessup, Ricky Rowe            
Trustees Chair: Pete Liggett      
Foundation Treasurer: Ed Fisher      
Finance Committee Chair: Joe Epting

Nominations and Leadership and Development                                              Pastor: Becky Shirley                                   
Lay Leader: Kimberly McAlister
Class of 2023: Beth Matthews, Shelley Stafford, Eva Nance                                         Class of 2025: Ricky Rowe, Lynn Shirley

Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee  – Lee Smith, Chairperson (2024)
Class of 2024: Pam Jenkins, Lee Smith                                                                             Class of 2025: Ann Jessup, Hal Hanlin, David Anderson
Lay Leader: Kimberly McAlister          
Lay Delegate: Carol Fowler           

Trustees – Pete Liggett, Chairperson (2023)
Class of 2023: Charles Garren, Pete Liggett, Ray Cobb                                                  Class of 2024: Janet Cotter, Mike Conte, Susan Brown                                                 Class of 2025: Sally Mings, Marshall Robinson, Neal Woods

(Auxiliary Ministry Teams related to Trustees: Christ Chapel Courtyard Committee, Janet Cotter Chairperson & Memorial Garden Committee, Mike Conte, Chairperson)           

Worship – Sam Waldrep, Chairperson (2025)

Worship Arts – Sam Waldrep, Chairperson                      
Music Ministries – Catherine Nance, Chairperson  
Altar Guild                                                                                  
Ushers – Tommy Betenbaugh, Chairperson                     
Baptism Coordinator– Eleanore Langley                            
Lay Readers                                                                     
Acolyte Coordinator – Susan Brown                                   
Children’s Moments –  Sarah-Kate Gravely
Communion Stewards – Eleanore Langley, Cathy Wright        
Wedding Coordinators – Shelley Stafford, Elizabeth Aravena