Racial Justice Action Team

This new committee was formed to address and respond to racial injustice after the death of George Floyd. The Racial Justice Action Team met for the first time on June 29, 2020. Members of this team include Patricia Parrish, Alston Lippert, Nancy Whittle, Cindy Cox, Melanie Dobson, Neal Foster, Courtney Foster, Ann Jessup, Karen Lowrimore, Anne Sinclair, and Lee Smith. Nancy Whittle and Pastor Parrish are facilitating the team.

VISION: To actively advocate for racial justice within our congregation and community.

MISSION: Our mission is to inspire and engage our congregation and community to challenge and transform unjust systems of institutional and personal power. To accomplish this mission, we will:

  • Educate ourselves and others around both historic and lived issues of systematic injustice. (Karen Lowrimore,; Cindy Cox,
  • Confront our own biases and the biases of others within WSUMC and the community at large. (Ann Jessup,; Courtney Foster,
  • Identify and remove barriers that prevent justice in social systems (education, housing, voting, law enforcement, etc.) Anne Sinclair,; Cindy Cox,
  • Lead efforts to engage our congregation in the sustained work of racial justice (Nancy Whittle,;  Patricia Parrish,
  • The names in parentheses are the team members who will take the lead on these individual efforts by working on actions to achieve each goal. We want to engage the congregation in this effort and we ask for you to join in this journey. If you have a specific interest in the above, please contact the lead team members. We welcome and encourage your participation. We also plan to work with other existing church teams on each action.

Coming November 9
A USC Office of Diversity Event


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The UMC has a course on Racism
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Historic Columbia is hosting a virtual program — Stories of Struggle: The Clash over Civil Rights in South Carolina, with author and journalist Claudia Smith Brinson in conversation with civil rights activist and photographer Cecil Williams, moderated by Historic Columbia Executive Director Robin Waites. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER OR FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Resources from Richland County Library (RCL)


  • #OwnVoices Book Blog Posts | When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir by Patrisse Khan-Cullors|reviewed by Dana M.
  • #OwnVoices at Richland Library is a way for Black staff to provide thoughtful and well written book reviews, book lists and blog posts to promote Black authors and their work about the Black experience.
  • Dinner Table Talks Posts | Dreamers by Yuyi Morales | curated by Taelor Johnson, Heather McCue, Jocelyn Pettigrew
  • Dinner Table Talks create the opportunity for families to have important conversations centered around books. These discussions will build our capacity for talking about race and define our roles in fighting against both every day and systemic racism.
  • Let’s Talk Race Thought Leaders Blog Post & Padlet
  • Understanding Race, Equity and Inclusion –A rich collection of resources to begin or continue your anti-racist journey.



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Race Forward



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