WSUMC Stewardship Campaign: Releasing God’s Blessings

Christine Hait, Chair, Stewardship Campaign Committee Chair

If you are like me, when you count your blessings, you count as one of your dearest blessings Washington Street United Methodist Church. This October, as a congregation, we began counting our blessings and reflecting on how God blesses us and how we release those blessings into the world.

The theme of this year’s stewardship campaign is “Releasing God’s Blessings” and Rev. Becky’s sermon series highlighted not only how God blesses us, but also how God promises to bless others through us. Throughout the stewardship campaign, we celebrated the church members and church ministries that make Washington Street UMC a vibrant and loving community. As part of the campaign, we asked members of the church to participate by sharing their thoughts about how the church, through its members and its ministries, releases blessings into the world.

Please prayerfully consider your 2024 giving commitment and follow the prompts after clicking the PLEDGE TODAY button below.

Because you are generous with your time, talent, and treasures, Washington Street is able to be the blessing it is to its members and to the larger community. Thank you!

Stewardship Campaign Committee members: Robbie Douglas; Mary Edmonds; Joe Epting; Carol Fowler; Sarah-Kate Gravely; Christine Hait; Suzanne Joye; Rev. Alston Lippert; Jane Peterson; Rev. Becky Shirley; and Lynn Shirley.