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Introducing Church Chats! A weekly way to stay in touch with your WSUMC friends via Zoom!

We have all missed our in-person greetings at church. Church Chats is an opportunity to visit through Zoom meetings. The chats are social gatherings to say hello and catch up with other church members. Dates and times of the chats will be posted thru emails, Facebook, and the Connection. Chats will last an hour to an hour and a half. Participants may join for the full time or for a shorter period of time, whatever suits your schedule. If you would like to participate in a Church Chat, you need to email the host. The host will send you the Zoom link to join the chat. If you have not Zoomed before, here are some basic instructions.



Zoom Instructions

  • Download the Zoom app, (free) to your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • On the day and time of your chat, open the Zoom app. OR Click on the link the host sent you.
  • IF you use a calendar on the app. you will Zoom with, it is very helpful to put a calendar entry for the meeting and copy/paste the link into the calendar. That way you can get a warning and click on the link in the calendar).
  • Follow the instructions from Zoom. (You may have to wait for the host to admit you to the chat/meeting).
  • Join the chat with video- click on the movie camera icon. (you can set this as a default in your settings for all meetings).
  • Join the chat with audio- click on the microphone icon. (you can set this as a default in your settings for all meetings).
  • To see more than one participant, tap the screen. Click on the “grid” on your screen.
  • (The number of people shown will depend on the device being used. You can change the view of attendees. On some devices, it is an icon that looks like a group of small boxes.
  • As with most phone/computer use, it is easy when one knows what to do and very frustrating when one is missing an instruction or two.
  • Lynn Shirley has kindly agreed to help anyone who has questions about using Zoom.
  • If you have questions, call Lynn, 803-422-3368.