Paul Harmon Class

The Paul Harmon Class

third floor of the Education Building


Launched by Rev. Dr. Paul Harmon, then our Church’s senior minister, in 2010, the original Chapter-A-Day Class embarked upon the ambitious study of the Holy Bible one chapter each day.   This hefty reading project ended in May of 2013 as the class emerged from its mysterious journey through the Book of Revelation.   Not wishing to turn back immediately to Genesis for a return trip through the Bible, the class landed on two reading/study directions:  the lectionary as the scriptural basis of our weekly discussions and Charles Freeman’s A New History of Early Christianity (published in 2009 and graciously provided us by Dr. Charles Bryan).   Moving forward, our class, now more appropriately re-named, is likely to shift its process of study yet again, but it is safe to say that the source of all such shifts will remain the Holy Bible.   We cordially invite any Washington Streeters who seek a lively, participative Bible study experience to come join us!


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