2017 Elected Officials


Integrating Renewal 20/20

Church Campus & Organizational & Staffing Initiatives


Chairs of:

Church Council: Ann Jessup

Trustees: TBD

Finance: Susan Boone

Staff/Pastor Parish Relations: Kel Jansen

Vice-Chair of Nominations & Leadership Development: Mike Conti

Foundation Trustee: Eva Nance

Lay Leader: Ricky Rowe

Lay Members of Annual Conference: Charlotte Broome, Mike Broome, Deborah Rowe, Rick Rowe

Recording Secretary: Carole McConkey

Church Historian: Mike Broome

Treasurer: Neal Foster

Faith Formation Coordinator: Beth Matthews

Age Level and Family Ministries Coordinator: Lynn Shirley

Connections Coordinator: Rick Rowe

Engaging New People Coordinator: Nancy Whittle

President of UM Men: Chris Williams

President of UM Women: Deborah Rowe

Youth Ministry Representative: Addy Lee

Young Adult Representative: Jamie Williams

Senior Pastor: Patricia Parrish

Director of Congregational Care: Susan Culler

Director of Children and Youth Ministries: Nikki Ulmer

Business Manager: Robbie Douglas

Director of Music Ministries: Angela Powers



The Officers and Staff that are bolded would Meet Quarterly as a Steering Committee to review progress on goals and the Implementation of Initiatives.




Financial Secretary: Robbie Douglas

Alternate Lay Members to Conference: Bill Ellington, Judy Ellington, Carol Fowler, Don Fowler

Assistant Church treasurers: Ed Fisher, Ned Self, Jim Webber


Trustees: 2017: Beth Brabham, Thorne Barrett, Garry Stevens

2018: Sam Burch, Joe Clark, Bart Lehman

2019:   Janet Cotter*, Jimmy Dawkins*, Harvey Jessup

*By virtue of office: See Auxiliary Ministry Teams


Committee on Staff/Parish Relations Committee:

2017: Malissa Burnette, Kel Jansen

2018: Beth Beals, Andrew Epting

2019: Kimberly McAlister, Charles Garren


Lay leader: Ricky Rowe, Lay Member: Charlotte Broome


Finance: Susan Boone (Chair of Finance),              Mike Broome (Lay Member)

Ann Jessup (Church Council Chair)                               Kel Jansen (Chair of SPPRC)

Eva Nance (Chair of Foundation)                                   Trustee Representative: TBD

Ricky Rowe (Lay Leader)                                                  Robbie Douglas (Financial Secretary

Jamie Gerald (Chair of Good Samaritan Committee)          Neal Foster (Treasurer)

Members at Large: Nathan Ruth, Adam Ruffin, Ed Fisher, Jim Webber, Ned Self.


Nominations and Leadership Development: Pastor, Ricky Rowe

2017: Mike Conte, Sylvia Saunders-Stevens

2018: Beth Matthews, Sally Mings

2019: Dane Waund, Jim Lane (Stewardship Coordinator)


Child Development Center Board:

2017: Helen Burch, Pete Liggett (Ch)

2018: Andrew Johnson (YA), Jamie Williams (YA)

2019: Wade Cathchings, Amy Geddes

CDC Director, Church Business Administrator,


Foundation Trustees:

2017: Don Fowler, Eva Nance (CH)*                 2019: Kelley Epting, Jim Webber

2018: Lamar Brabham, Al Moses                     2020: John Beerman, Dotsy Helms

Trustees Representative: TBD                           Foundation Treasurer: Ed Fisher

Finance Committee Chair: Susan Boone


AUXILLIARY MINISTRY TEAMS – Relates to Council through Other Team Chairs


Raggio Report (Chair serves on Communications Team)

Ed McClain (CH), Homer Fesperman, Eleanor Vaughan Langley, Elaine Moses, Rose Dangerfield, Christine Hait, Kristie Rowe.


Green Team: Coordinator selected by Trustees and Coordinator selects the team.


Christ Chapel Courtyard Committee: Chair on Trustees

Janet Cotter (CH), Beverly McClanahan, Chip Teague, Debbie Teague, Sarah Threatt


Memorial Garden Committee: Chair on Trustees

Jimmy Dawkins (CH), Mike Harmon, Beverly McClanahan, Elizabeth Outzs


Records and History Committee: Mike Broome, Chair; Bob Beamer, Christine Hait, Richard Owens, Rozanna Pheiffer, John Radford.


Integrating Renewal 2020


FAITH FORMATION Coordinator: Beth Matthews

Faith Formation & Music Initiatives & portions of

Hospitality & Connections


Worship Team: Pam Jenkins (CH), Angela Powers, Patricia Parrish

Worship Design Team: Sam Waldrep; Wedding Coordinators: Angela Powers; Communion Coordinator: Cathy Hooker; Altar Guild:  Kathy Wright; Funeral Coordinators: John Holladay, Larry Railey, Tommy Betenbaugh; Acolyte Coordinator: Susan Brown; Usher Chairs: 9:00 Jerry Watson, 11:00 Tommy Betenbaugh.


Education Team: Susan Hefelfinger (CH), Small Groups Coordinators; Jen Boone, Deborah Rowe. Church librarian: Carol Krebs; Lead Teachers of each Sunday School Class: Mary Lide, Kristie Rowe, Lee Haynes, Licia Jackson and Mary Ann Betenbaugh, Joe Thompson. All Adult Classes may elect one member to represent on this team. Toddler Time (Susan Culler) Children’s Librarian: Linda Reardon


Membership Care Team: Mary Lide, Chair, Bereavement Committee: Janet Cotter, Gracious Goodness: Kathy Rodgers; Prayer Ministry Coordinator: Candace Berry; Good Samaritan Team member: Alicia Liggett, Membership Secretary: Laurely Nance





Age Level Coordinators create a Council that plans for age appropriate activities including: Wednesday Night Suppers, Covered Dish, Youth Ministries; Young Adults; UMM; UM Women; Lunch Bunch; other programs.


Nursery Coordinator: Shelley Stafford             Children’s Coordinator: Lish Jansen

Youth Coordinator: Joe Epting                           Young Adult Coordinator: Jamie Williams

Adult Coordinator:                                                 Older Adult Coordinator: Elaine & Al Moses

Family Ministries Coordinator: Jennifer Jackson

Hospitality Coordinator: Mary Lide



CONNECTIONS Coordinator – Rick Rowe

Downtown (portions) and Missions Initiatives


Missions & Advocacy: Anne Sinclair, Chair; (Chair is a Rep to Connections): Karen Lowrimore, James Boulware, David Byrum (Native American Representative), Jack Culclasure, Rick Hepfer, Betsy Lehman,Megan Hicks, Jordan Harper, Chip Williams, Lisa Douglas (Epworth Representative), Kathy Handel, Emily Caskey, Andrea McTee, Patricio Aravena, Kay Ayers.


SOUP CELLAR GROUP (Chair is a Rep to Connections): David Jones, Chair; Penny Horton, Paul Brown, Rufus Rogers, Donna Bryan, Sara Threatt, Frances Grimes, Kimberly McAlister, Michael Fusco.


GOOD SAMARITAN COMMITTEE (Chair is a rep to Connections & Finance) Jamie Gerald (Chair), John Holladay, Jim Davis, Alicia Liggett, John Radford, Susan Boone (Finance Chair), Pastor.


Student Ministries Team: Emily and William Torres (Co-Chairs), Grant Gibbs, Tom Wall, Advisor.



Hospitality & Connections (portions) &

Communications & Downtown (portions) Initiatives


Evangelism: (Chair), Shelley Stafford, Suzanne Joye, Patti Beerman, Erin Johnson, David Jones, Martha Boynton.


Communications Committee: Joe Thompson, Chair; (Rep to ENGAGING NEW PEOPLE) Keith

Murphy,Thom Berry, Grant Jackson, Kathleen Lee.


Alternative Worship Team: Interfaces with Pastor and Worship Team to provide alternative worship experiences in other settings; Jordan Harper, Chair; Matt Simmons, Tom Wall, David Hefelfinger.


Downtown Connections (Other UM congregations) currently clergy are coordinating.


The Vision is that the Coordinators of the Ministry Areas will meet with the Committee Chairs at the beginning of each quarter to review the goals of the church as established by Renewal 20/20 and determined by the Committee and Ministry Areas. This will provide opportunities for committees to collaborate on places where their ministries intersect. Some Committees may cross over into other Ministry Areas. Collaboration is an excellent way to move forward and to involve and include more people in the ministries of the congregation.


The Committees will send reports to the Ministry Area Coordinators and the Chair of Church Council. Before each Council meeting, but are not required to attend.

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